Reach offer tailor made support to people with learning disabilities, autism, communication difficulties and complex behavioural needs.

Reach is deliberately a small company whose foundation for practice is knowing the people we work with. Taking a person centred approach and develop, through person centred planning, a care plan and we listen to the needs, wishes, preferences and rights of those accessing the service.

Creating a person centred lifestyle according to the way individuals choose to live and enabling them to put this into practice.

Your Life

We use a€?Your Lifea€?, an independent non profit making charitable company to manage the letting of housing to individuals who may otherwise fail to meet the shortfall of generic housing benefit allowances.

Reach Housing & Enablement is used for any support provision. However is you choose another provider this will not discriminate you from accessing the housing services.

Whether you are looking for housing support services or housing, apply to us and we will re-direct your application to the relevant service.

Your Life provides accommodation to individuals requiring support. This is a non-profit limited company with charitable status. Your Life aims to incorporate training, employment and educational opportunities within its work and support to tenants.

In partnership with Reach, Your Life continue to identify creative housing and support options to a number of individuals and are happy to meet with prospective tenants, their families and professional organisations to discuss tenants needs.

Reach Housing & Enablement 

Regulating care provided by the NHS, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

CQC aims to make sure better care is provided for everyone - in hospitals, care homes and peoples own homes.

They also seek to protect the interests of people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act.

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