Reach Housing & Enablement Ltd©


Reach is a small company that was founded on the experience of one young man with autism, non-verbal communication and learning disabilities. Having explored a variety of services, this young man expressed his dislike of group living and showed pleasure in having, a place to identify as his own.  With support from the proprietor this young man now holds a tenancy in his own right, lives in his own home and receives a 24 hr support package via a private day service, tenancy support and support to participate in social and leisure activities.  

Reach holds the view that people have the right to the same opportunities and life experiences as their peers in the community. People should not be denied these opportunities on grounds of disability and other people’s views of what disability means for them. Regardless of disability people have the right to a private, personal and family life in their own home.

Reach believes, that with support, people can make decisions and take control of their own lives using a person centred approach to support, which focus’s on individual strengths and independence with support.  Reach understands achievements and independence to mean making decisions and involvement in all aspects of daily living however small this may mean to others. (Plating a meal is considered to be an achievement and independence).

Reach takes an enabling approach to learning and maintaining life skills. This can be achieved by working with individuals, working alongside individuals and supporting people to do things for themselves, in a safe and confident manner. At the same time Reach recognises that people may need varying levels of support in different aspects of their lives.

Reach also believes in the ‘life long’ learning and aim to provide support to meet people’s changing abilities on an ongoing basis. This can be achieved by working in partnership with individuals, carers and professionals. By a process of monitoring, reviewing and changing support plans people are enabled to have positive experiences and life opportunities.